Possible Delays For OUR NEW HOPE

I am extremely regretful to have to announce that the release of Our New Hope, the second installment in the Hope Trilogy, may not be released in time for ThrillerFest. I should have received my first and second round edits back several months ago. My cover should already be designed. I should already have ARCs out for reviews. I should have a release date in hand, and really, should have had one months ago. But here it is, a mere three months before the conference. I have no ISBN number, no books to sell, pre-sell, or even a cover with which to tease people. 

I don't blame my publisher. I know that shit happens. Sometimes, like in this case, really bad shit happens. The acquisitions editor's daughter fell deathly ill. She was in the ICU for a very long time. I'm relieved to say that she is now on the mend, but it will be a long road to recovery. So now, the main contact at the publishing house for hundreds of authors is out of commission. Her email is on auto-reply that she's out of the office. It was posted on our private message board that she is over 5k emails behind, and that was weeks ago. I have no hope of hearing back from her in a timely manner about Our New Hope. Every other editor is scrambling to take on the excessive workload she carried, as well as do their own jobs. I know I'm not the only author who is in a panic over the delay in their release.

So, I've emailed my main editor from my last book. I have no idea if she is the editor of my current book, but I certainly hope she is. I've got my fingers crossed that I'll hear back from her soon and she'll say she just finished it. And here's some covers for you to peruse. Then I can read it at least seven more times, make some more changes, and send it to formatting. I hope.

In fact, let's all hope. Hope that Our New Hope is here in time for ThrillerFest. Last time, it was only three weeks from "here's your galley copy" to "here's your book for sale." Maybe, just maybe, there's still time to wiggle in for a timely release. 

April 15 UPDATE: I've heard back from my editor. I will not be getting first round edits. She said my novel is polished enough that I'll only need the second round, where they fix any grammar issues and look for inconsistencies. I don't need spelling or punctuation fixed, so that should make it go a bit faster. My book has been slated for a September release, due to delays throughout the company. My editor is going to take my plea to the board to see if they will change my release date and put my book on rush to try to have it out by July. I hope to hear back soon and that I'll have some good news!

April 17 UPDATE: The board of directors agreed to move up my book and have granted me a July 8th release date! It'll be cutting it pretty close, since I'm leaving for NYC and ThrillerFest on the 10th, but I think we can make this happen. I'm so excited!