A Brief Hiatus and Great Things to Come

Due to technical difficulties--as well as my lack of knowledge and time to fix them--I will be taking a pause in my blogs. I can't get my Dropbox to work right. It uploads from my phone to the cloud, but it's not showing anything on my computer, even though I've reinstalled Dropbox five times. It sucks.

So, I'm giving up. I can't spend all of my time writing blogs and figuring out tech issues. I've got fucking books to write! I'd been so busy with editing and promoting my last book, I still haven't finished writing the third one. But I really must stop doing so much internet tomfoolery and get to actually writing "Our Eternal Hope." It should be in the editing queue with my publisher already if I want it out by September of 2018, but I'm not done with it yet. I've written most of the fourth book, and I've got dozens of other stories in the works--ranging from short stories to stand-alone novels to a series.

Oh, yes, my friends. A series is coming into play. It'll be several years before I release anything for it, but she has begun to take shape. Her personality is forming, and so are ideas for her adventures. And this won't be a mere accidental trilogy like Hope's books because the story was just too fucking long to fit into a single novel. No, no. This will be intentional. Plotted. Outlined. Researched. Amateur-hour is fucking done. I've been watching, listening, and learning. CraftFest and ThrillerFest these last two years have been invaluable. I've learned an immense amount about my craft there and it will be utilized. I'm so excited.

The Sunchi story will be posted eventually. I'm working on it when I feel driven to, but otherwise, I'm plodding away at "Our Eternal Hope." I'm averaging about 2K words a day since I don't get to write every day. At this rate, I figure I'll have it done in a month. Then a couple of weeks to read it another ten times to polish it. Then I'll hand it off to my publisher and wait for my turn. 

Once my book is turned in, I'll probably get back to regular blog posts and book reviews. I was going to write a post about the eclipse since I live in the path of totality. But, technical issues with my Dropbox have stopped me, which is what prompted this off-the-cuff blog as well as my decision to stop blogging for a while. If I'm writing ten to fifteen thousand words a week, I need them to be prose, not gushing and babbling.

And remember--if you've read my books and you like them, please leave me a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Barnes & Noble.