I'm baaaaaack.

But no, actually, I'm not really back. I will continue my hiatus in my blogs at least until the end of the year because I must have my priorities. You all know I still work an hourly paycheck-and-insurance job; I'm up to over fifty hours a week there. I also have a household to maintain, a few novels to write, and drastic changes to my lifestyle that have had to be made. 

I found out I'm sick. Not just in the head, but inside my body, too. I don't really know everything yet, so I'm not comfortable revealing what little I do know so far. What is my doctor's biggest worry may turn out to be no big deal and what is my smallest concern could turn out to be my biggest problem. So, I'm not going to count my eggs before my chickens have collapsed. know what I mean.

I've gotten a few emails. Yes, my website was really down for over a week. No, it wasn't just your computer being weird. My domain name expired with GoDaddy and I had trouble getting it reinstated because I no longer have access to the email I used to register with them. Once I was able to get them to let me pay, I couldn't get it relinked with Squarespace. I wound up having no choice but to transfer my domain name to Squarespace, which cost me more time and money. But--obviously--my site is back up now. 

About the book reviews that I've promised... It will happen. Eventually. I have this terrible habit of wanting to do far more than I have time for and ending up in over my head. One book a week was more than I could handle. I'm gonna have to back it off to one review a month. And again, it will be next year before I even attempt to restart my blog. My computer time has been consumed by research and writing lately. But I'd rather make this book perfect than rush it and crank out a higher volume of content. So, please, have some patience with me. 

Halloween is in less than a week. I don't even have a costume yet. Everyone at work expects me to dress up because my hair is blue and purple. Obviously, I should love Halloween, right? Yep. It has always been my favorite holiday, and not just for the candy. But I haven't dressed up for Halloween since my grandmother's funeral was held on Halloween two years ago. That was actually the first blog I ever posted on this website. I'm going to try, though. I had my year of mourning. It should be enough, though it's not. I still miss them both often. But I'll try.

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? What are you going as for Halloween this year?