I'm off to NYC!

Today I’m leaving Kansas City, Missouri, to head for New York. I’ll be attending the annual conference for the International Thriller Writers—ThrillerFest. This year is their 12th, but it will only be my second. I hope to make this my yearly conference that I always go to, and to start peppering in others as the years pass. I’ll also be on my first panel this year.

To celebrate ThrillerFest, I’ll be posting a book review of an ITW author’s book on my blog every single day of the conference. Check back each day from July 11-15 for a new review of a delicious thriller! You can look forward to reviews of "Personal" by Lee Child, "Deadly Kiss" by Bob Bickford, "The Rising" by Heather Graham and Jon Land, "A Front Page Affair" by Radha Vatsal, and "Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris.

Upon my return from the conference, I intend to post a blog about the experience. Yes, yes…I said that last year and never did get around to posting it. Perhaps I’ll find it in me to finish that blog and post it as well. I think maybe I just got lazy and never got around to adding links to other authors’ websites.

Oh, well. No time to think about it now. I’ve got a plane to catch!