Moving Sucks, part two

First of all, yes, I missed another week. Shame, shame! And right after ThrillerFest! Sort of... But, as I warned--I'm in the middle of moving. It should be weird that I hear that Monty Python voice in my head shouting, "Get on with it!" It's not, though.

I bet you're wondering how this is part two, right? Part one was the last time I moved. It was two and a half years ago, right as my debut novel was being released. My timing sucks, doesn't it? Unfortunately, life doesn't always flow how and when we need it to. 

I'm glad to report that I'm not moving to escape wretched neighbors this time. On the down side, I might have moved underneath some noisy ones and on top of some complainers. As the writing of this blog, I've only spent a single night here, so I haven't had a ton of time to really assess the situation. Luckily, I'm a really quiet person when I'm alone. Unfortunately, my husband is a loud as they come. His normal volume is set to "shout" so shit should get interesting. 

I'm only partially unpacked. I bought two new bookshelves. I have one that is filled with books I got at ThrillerFest. Because, you know, the first things I unpacked were some of my books and what I could of my kitchen. I still have so much more to unpack, though. Between work and moving, I can hardly even find any time to read, let alone write.

I can't even tell you about the THIRTY SEVEN BOOKS that found their way home with me from New York. Last year, I only made away with 26 books. Well, 28, but duplicates of two of them. I haven't even read half of the books I got last year. Shit, I have dozens of books on my Kindle that I've bought and haven't read yet. The Japanese have a word for a book that you buy but don't read. We need a word for that in English because I have oodles of them. 

I'm trying, people. I'm trying to get back on top of my blogs. I'll be shooting for a more even mix of food and books. I'm reading a great Heather Graham book I got last year in New York, so I'll probably review that next week. I'm also going to be getting my first Blue Apron delivery soon, so I'll write about that in a couple of weeks. And, because grocery shopping and cooking have been so challenging during this arduous move, I've signed up for a different ingredient delivery service to start the same week! 

So, yeah...keep checking back. I've got more crazy shit for you in the future.