Book One of The Hope Trilogy

When Hope grows massive wings and learns to fly, her elders declare her their only hope, the savior of her people, and make plans to gather everyone in the tribe back to their reservation in southwestern Colorado. After learning of prophecies predicting a war that could end society, Hope is frantic to save her childhood friend, Taniya, who moved away shortly before Hope’s wings began to grow.

She arrives at Taniya’s apartment in New York, only to learn that her roommate, Deema, is a vampire. He quickly falls in love with Hope, professing her to be a reincarnation of his late wife who died over 500 years ago. Hope plans to save her people through her abilities to dream the future and remote view the present, and she doesn’t need any distractions. But she feels so drawn to this man.

Life becomes further complicated when Hope discovers she’s pregnant with the vampire’s child. When she realizes that her pregnancy is accelerated and the baby will be born after only two weeks, she fears she will not survive, especially when she hears a prophecy about a blood drinker who will distract her from her mission and turn her into a demon. Could the prophesy be referring to Deema and, if so, does she really have the strength to give him up before the coming war destroys her people…people who are counting on her to save them?