Book two of the Hope Trilogy

What happens next, now that Hope has gotten many in her tribe to begrudgingly accept her choice of Deema the vampire as her husband? Will the two of them, backed by their powerful children, be able to defend the tribe from invaders?

Hope is transformed from Our Only Hope into Our New Hope, a stronger and more powerful version of herself. She is finally gaining confidence in her ability to protect her people from annihilation now that she has birthed seven powerful children and has become a vampire herself. When she begins to lose herself and her way, toying with criminals before she kills them, another angel, Dmitrius, appears on the reservation to guide her back to her path and her destiny. The elders see the new angel as their newest hope at salvation. They welcome and encourage his presence. This causes problems with the vampires when the new angel helps Hope remember all of her forgotten knowledge and powers. He also sets in motion a transformation that may forever change her--body, mind, and soul. Will she be able to resist his charms? Or will she turn her back on her family to reunite with her true soulmate, with whom she's shared countless lives? Can she hold it all together long enough to save the tribe she's promised to deliver from destruction? Find out in OUR NEW HOPE, released July 8, 2017.