I Need a Bigger Plate

It has been way too long since I've posted a blog, so I'm writing this one on the fly. I never, ever do this. Three in the morning, I should be sleeping, but instead I'm posting something that I'll not edit, not re-read. Something I never do. I must always read it again and again, searching for imperfections, stumbling or clumsy language. Not tonight. I just don't have the time.

But alas! I'm losing followers. Come back! I'm creating content, I swear it. I have so much on my plate as far as writing goes right now. I've written my ThrillerFest blog, but I need to read it again and again. I need to insert some links, pictures, and all that jazz. I'll post it once I've actually written my coinciding post about the vacation side of my trip to NYC. For some reason, I've had it in mind that I'd post them on the same day.

I've also been super busy using some of the knowledge I gained at ThrillerFest. I've been editing book two like mad so I can get it to my publisher. But, oh...there's so many rewrites now. And then there's my pirate story.

Everyone wants to hear about the Pirates of Madison Island Mental Hospital. Yes, yes, my dearies, hear of them you shall. Soon, soon. One must be patient before getting to read about the patients.

I'm going to do my best to make it free as a downloadable ebook for anyone who signs up for my mailing list. The mailing list, I've also been working on figuring out. If, for some reason, I'm unable to make that work, then I intend on making the Pirates ebook free for everyone via Kindle. But as far as a time frame, I'm looking at at least two months, and that's if I'm lucky at figuring out Scrivener, which I've yet to dive in to. Apparently, I'm just an idiot when it comes to computers and such since everything that's supposed to be soooo easy takes me weeks or even months of screwing with it to figure out how to make it do certain things I want it to do. Rawr. 

Ok. Goodnight, folks. I've got to go sleep for a few hours before I have to go work twelve hours at my paycheck and insurance job. ^-^