Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager

I got this book last year at ThrillerFest because I heard great things about it. I was not at all disappointed. Final Girls by Riley Sager grabbed me right from the start and didn't let go until the last page. It was riveting from start to finish, with twist after twist that shocked me more each time. I loved it so much, I want to buy his next book, too. Good thing it's here at ThrillerFest in the bookstore!

The term Final Girls refers to a sole, female survivor of a massacre. Quincy is the protagonist, but Lisa and Sam are also FInal Girls. They each cope in their own way. Lisa helps other victims recover. Sam went into hiding long ago. Quincy bakes to try to forget her trauma that she can't even really remember. You see, Quinn has traumatic amnesia and can't remember the bulk of the events on the night in question. Many people don't believe her, but Coop does. He's the cop who saved her on that fateful night ten years ago and he continues to help her in her latest troubles.

Quincy thinks she's gotten past it all, or at least, she's coping. She still takes Xanax for her anxiety. An anxiety that skyrockets when she finds out that Lisa, the first and strongest of all of the FInal Girls, has committed suicide. Quinn's downward spiral of despair continues when Sam shows up unannounced. The two Final Girls had never actually met before, but Quinn takes her in, anyway. 

Quincy's life unravels further as Sam tries to provoke the repressed memories to come out, convinced that recalling them will help her heal. After a violent incident in Central Park, Quinn is thoroughly freaked out and wonders if she even knows herself at all. As a reader, I began to wonder if it was possible that Quincy killed all of those other kids. Or was it Sam? Could it have been someone that we don't even know about? Because it does kind of seem like maybe more than one person created all of that carnage...

I had so many suspicions. I was led one way, then another, only to end up face-first against a brick wall made of "What-the-fucks." I never saw the ending coming. It was so fantastic, amazing, and unexpected that it'll be a while before I stop telling everyone I know that they need to read it. Just like I'm telling you right now--you need to read this book. Buy it here. You won't regret it. 

BTW--this book is up for an award this year. Let's all wish Riley Sager good luck. The winners of this year's Thriller Awards will be announced tonight at the ThrillerFest Awards Banquet!