Sailor Moon Crystal

I can’t help but love Sailor Moon. It is just so fabulous in an astounding number of ways. Now, as a matter of full disclosure, I am not well studied on the original series, but I have seen a few random episodes back in the day. I remember being quite interested. I totally wanted to get into that show, but didn’t really have the time or funds to access it at the time. Over the years I sort of forgot about it. I didn’t ever really try to look it up anymore. 

Oh, but now… Now I have my own computer and wireless internet. I have a device that lets me watch internet videos on my TV. And I have Crunchyroll. After re-watching Attack on Titan (yet again) I decided to scroll through for anything that caught my eye. Lo and behold! There is Sailor Moon Crystal! Click, start, and connect, thank you. 

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