Coming Soon: Eat My Balls Cookbook

I have the most exciting news! I’m busy as a bee writing a cookbook that will be called Eat My Balls. You’ve tried some of my regular recipes, but now you’re going to get to try my balls. I’m so freaking excited because I know you’re going to love my balls. There are cheeseballs, meatballs, dessert balls, snack balls, veggie balls, and so much more. Every recipe is going through multiple trials as I work out the best version of each of my balls. In total, this cookbook will contain around 100 recipes written in a funny style full of double entendre. Because, come on…I’m writing about balls here. Of course there will be plenty of jokes.

I’ve postponed all novel-writing until this cookbook is finished. All of my spare time is being dedicated to this venture. If you want to get teasers of my food, follow me on Instagram @janellesamara to see pics of completed recipes.