Book Review: The Girl Who Lived by Paul Dale Anderson

The Girl Who Lived: Megan’s Story by Paul Dale Anderson had me riveted. I was glued to the pages and I could not put it down. I started reading it one morning, read all day, and fell asleep reading it that night. The next morning, I had it finished within an hour. It was superb, fantastic, and well-crafted. I absolutely loved it. 

The story is well written. It's full of suspense. It’s a police procedural, mixed with a serial killer thriller, mixed with an investigative journalism novel. The chapters range in size, from a few pages to quite long. Each perspective shift occurs at chapter changes. Actually, let's talk about perspective...

The book opens in first person, from Megan's point of view. She's in the hospital, trying to convince the shrink that she's now sane so that she can get out and exact her revenge on the men who destroyed her life. She must get out, so that she can finish what she's started. Three of her rapists are still alive and she can’t have that, now, can she?

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