It's my book release day!

Could you be any more excited? I know I couldn't! Book two of the Hope Trilogy, OUR NEW HOPE, is now available for purchase. To hell with pre-orders--now you can buy it, download it, devour it, and (please) review it!

You thought Hope had it rough before? Oh, no, my friends. She's getting into some seriously deep shit in this one. Finally got the tribe to stop harping about Deema being a vampire? Too bad! Here comes another angel to throw a wrench in the works. New guy wants to take her away, the elders want her to ask for him to help save the tribe instead of the vampires, and she goes through a lot of internal struggle, all while still trying to prepare herself and her people for the coming invasion.

Are you curious about why Deema was so furious the first time he met Hope?

Want to know why the Hopi Reservation is in Colorado?

Dying to know just why the fuck the government is after them, anyway?

What the hell is the Void? What is an Immutable Blade? Can demons incarnate like the angels can?

All of these questions and more are answered in this, the second installment of the Hope Trilogy. Happy reading, and don't forget to review it when you're done!